Sports Massage & Sport Injuries in Brentwood & Billericay

We are experienced in all kinds of sport injuries and have a wealth of knowledge of the best way to treat our clients. We have been established for many years and we regularly receive recommendations all over Brentwood & Billericay.

Sports massage therapy is ideal for treating sport injuries but is also used by many sportsmen and women to aid recovery, prepare for an event or as a preventative measure – helping them to avoid injury. Although called ‘sports’ massage you do not need to participate in sport to benefit from treatment. Many people find the techniques used useful to release stresses and strains that occur in everyday life.

A sports massage therapist uses the techniques of Swedish massage as well as incorporating deep tissue massage methods. They also incorporate manual therapy practices of osteopathy and physiotherapy including passive stretching and physical manipulations. You may also find that your therapist uses techniques such as dry needling (acupuncture) or ultrasound therapy to help treat injuries.

Although generally more specific than other forms of massage, your therapist may treat tension and strain in other areas of the body if they feel they may be contributing to your condition.

Your first session at the Brentwood clinic will last up to an hour and will involve your therapist taking some basic details from you as well as discussing your medical history and any injuries, aches or pains you might have. The therapist will then examine you and move on to treatment. Follow up sessions last 40minutes or 1 hour depending on the patients needs. For information about pricing click here: